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Overview of medical paper plastic bags PAKION

2020-10-23 16:06

Summary of medical paper plastic bags: one kind of internal packaging of sterilized medical devices.

Medical paper-plastic bag function: pre sterilized medical devices (medical dressings, pencil knife, medical catheters, surgical scissors, etc.) into the packing, sealing heads, after the implementation of the sterilization (EO epoxy ethane, Steam high temperature Steam, gamma gamma irradiation, Plasma low-temperature Plasma, etc.), can penetrate the packing and bacteria cannot use sterilization factor, thus to kill bacteria inside block external bacteria, make internal medical devices can be in a certain period of time will remain sterile, directly open to use when using, need not sterilization

-- Material composition:

Dialysis paper + medical composite membrane

Dialysis paper: it is used for medical purposes, so its physical indicators, performance and other aspects of the requirements are higher than ordinary medical packaging paper, such as strength, aperture, permeability, and scalability. Medical dialytic paper and medical coated paper are combined with various composite films for bag-making. This kind of bag made of paper and plastic composite forms has good bacteria-resistance, heat sealing, air permeability and peeling effect. Due to the strict requirements of sterilization and disinfection, medical dialysate paper must have certain air permeability to meet the sterilization requirements of steam sterilization and ethylene oxide disinfection, so the aperture of medical dialysate paper has certain requirements and parameters to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Therefore, the aperture of medical dialysis paper is one of the important test box indexes of medical dialysis paper. The aperture of medical dialysis paper must meet the standards and test principles of EN868-2 Annex C.

Composite film:

PET/PE composite membrane

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