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Analysis of the advantages of medical paper plastic bags

2020-10-23 16:16

Analysis of the advantages of medical paper plastic bags:

The excellent penetrability of medical paper plastic bag can make the sterilized gas penetrate safely and discharge the cold atmosphere inside the bag to reach the result of complete sterilization. Excellent drainage, 56 ~ 70g per square meter of paper-plastic packaging data, the drainage of the paper will not form the condensed water after steam sterilization of the device; In the sterilization process of low temperature, dry and cold, the paper has good toughness and will not split.

Two chemical discoloration indicator points of pressure steam and ethylene oxide are printed on the bottom of the medical paper plastic bag (equivalent to the effect of chemical indicator tape on the outside of the bag), which can be clearly distinguished from the appearance of different colors of the diagram to determine whether this article can be sterilized. Easy to handle, the title of the bag, sterilization date, invalid period, operator name, check the name of the person indirectly written on the paper, to avoid the paste chemical instruction tape and all kinds of labels trouble. .

The transparent film of medical paper plastic bag is composed of multi-layer composite film, so the bacteria resistance function is good, the storage time is long, the sealing machine at 150 ~ 180℃ sealing pressure and the sealing time is tight; All kinds of sterilized articles are monitored by pyrogen, bacteria culture and chemical indicator card.

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