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The characteristics of paper - plastic packaging bags

2020-10-23 16:04

Sterilization characteristics:

Suitable for: EO ethylene oxide, high temperature STEAM STEAM, Cobalt CO60 GAMMA ray irradiation sterilization packaging, such as a hospital for medical instrument disinfection or sterilization with high temperature steam sterilization items, sterile medical equipment manufacturers such as syringes and catheters, probes, gauze piece, gown, artificial bone, artificial organs, pencil knife resistance bacteria medical sterile products such as packaging, and general steam sterilization temperature for a few minutes to half an hour in 121-134 degrees, ethylene oxide sterilization for a few hours, temperature of about 55 degree, irradiation at room temperature disinfection, about 2 minutes to complete, PET(polyester)/PE(polyethylene) colorless and transparent medical composite film is not suitable for high temperature sterilization, because PE itself is not resistant to high temperature, nor is glue resistant to high temperature, PET(polyester)/CPP(polypropylene) is not recommended for irradiation sterilization. Because of the aging embrittlement effect of irradiation on CPP, harmful halides may also be precipitated.

General is to put the product in the clean workshop, such as the grade 100000 purification workshop, the disposable aseptic medical apparatus and instruments product into the bag, and then with hot sealing machine sealing up, into the carton, in the sterilization cabinet sterilization after OK, then generally on the basis of different materials, resistance bacteria shelf-life is generally divided into 1 year, 3 years 5 years, have done aging test, this guarantee in transport, storage until the final before opening a hospital nurse, inside the bag of medical product is sterile products, need not sterilization, can be directly used.

The advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: package items visible, good microbial barrier function, good permeability, can according to the length of the packaging equipment items, size, select specifications appropriate paper-plastic packaging to cut and can be used for high pressure steam, ethylene oxide sterilization and in the two chemical change color instructions are printed on the packaging (EO sterilization before is pink, yellow after sterilization; Blue before autoclave sterilization, black after sterilization)

Disadvantages: The paper and plastic sterile bags stored in the clinical department are prone to fold and seal cracking, and the packaging of hard materials is not dry enough. Water droplets remain on the inner plastic surface in some cases, and sharp tools are easy to puncture the packaging of paper and plastic bags. According to the 2009 specification, it is only used for the packaging of a single device, and flat tape is generally recommended for items with a thickness of not more than 5CM. At present, it is a widely used product in hospitals, but due to the existence of one-side ventilation, some metal instruments are easy to produce condensed water in the sterilization process, and the paper and plastic bags cannot be used for down-exhaust sterilization

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